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lejanias cd cover

This is my first recording as a soloist and this is the story behind it:

One of my favorite activities is playing games. Most every Sunday, for the last 25 years, Iíve been getting together with my friends to play poker. One of those nights I was particularly lucky and ended up with over $3,000 in winnings. That same night I decided that with that money I would rent studio time and record my first CD.

The money was barely enough to pay the studio, the engineer and the materials. To save some money, I did all the editing myself (by now the $3000 were almost gone and I still needed the CD design and printing).

I went to my friend Juan Sebastián Barberá, a fine artist and graphic designer, and together we came up with an idea to finish the project. He created four etchings (shown below) and painted an original art piece for the cover.

The whole idea was to put together a portfolio that would contain the series of the four original etchings, numbered and signed by the artist, as well as a presentation written by music critic Juan Arturo Brennan, and the CD.
It wasnít easy, but the idea was original and it didnít take too long to sell enough portfolios in advance to finance the printing of the CDs.

The presentation ceremony took place at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City.

The title for the CD came from one of the works I recorded: the sonata Lejanías by my good friend Ernesto García de León Griego.
I also recorded works by my friends Gerardo Tamez and Julio Cesar Oliva (my friends from the Guitar Trio) and Suite en La by Manuel M. Ponce.

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